Super Self-Floccing Spa Defoamer

Your spa experience cannot be very relaxing when the spa is afflicted by thick, unsightly surface foam. To combat this ugly foam buildup, we have formulated our Super Self-Floccing Spa Defoamer. Our Super Defoamer uses Chitosan, an extract from shells of  shrimp and crab and a proven oil remover, to eliminate and prevent foam in your spa or hot tub.

Super Spa Defoamer works effectively to remove oils and break down the foam completely,then flocs it together so it can be easily removed by your spa's filter.Super Spa Defoamer is compatible with all spa cleaners and sanitizers and does not clog your filter. Use our Super Self-Floccing  Spa Defoamer to keep your spa foam-free and crystal clear. 

    Super Self-Floccing Spa Defoamer - 1 Quart
    Manuf#: F087001012AE
    $19.99 Qty.
    Super Self-Floccing Spa Defoamer - 4 x 1 Quart
    Manuf#: F087001012AE
    $69.99 Qty.
    Super Self-Floccing Spa Defoamer - 12 x 1 Quart
    Manuf#: F087001012AE
    $199.99 Qty.
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