Swamp Treat Pool Algae Eliminator - 1 Lbs.

Swamp Treat is the most powerful algae killing formula on the market, guaranteed to clean the even worst algae blooms fast! Your pool will go from a green swamp to blue in as little as a few hours. As the filtration system kicks in, Swamp Treat accelerates your chlorine's ability to fight algae blooms. Swamp Treat cleans out the algae in your pool in one treatment, while other products it would take multiple treatments to get the same clean.


  • 1 lb. bottle will treat 20,000 gallons
  • Non-toxic formula does not contain any metals
  • When used correctly, will not stain your pool or affect water balance

Swamp Treat Pool Algae Eliminator - 1 Lbs.
Manufacturer#: SWAM-C12
Item#: Y4795
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