SwimJet HD Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner - Above Ground

The SwimJet HD pool cleaner for flat bottom above ground pools can clean most pool floors up to 30 ft long in less than an hour. With the power of the hydraulic jet propulsion system, the SwimJet HD guides along the pool floor, picking up dirt and debris.

The SwimJet HD robotic cleaner features a powerful motor that circulates 4,500 gallons of water per hour, filtering up to 2 MICRONS! That's more than some D.E. filters!

SwimJet HD Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner - Above Ground
Manufacturer#: E1581
Item#: O_E1581



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    The above ground pool SwimJet HD featuers a 2 hour auto shut-off and a fixed cleaning pattern. It includes a reusable filter bag, 115 volt power supply and a 40 ft power cord.

    SwimJet HD Features:

    • For use in above ground pools up to 30 ft
    • Can clean your pool in half an hour!
    • 4,500 GPH circulation rate
    • Hydraulic jet propulsion powerful cleaning
    • Large vacuum intake for picking up large debris
    • Automatic shut-off after 2 hours
    • Set cleaning pattern
    • Lightweight, only 11 lbs
    • 115v power supply
    • 24 Volt operation
    • Includes 40 ft power cord
    • 2 year warranty



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