SwimJet Pro HD IG

SwimJet Pro HD IG

SwimJet Pro HD is designed for in-ground pools measuring up to 50 feet long and helps clean pool floors and partial walls. Compatible with all pool surfaces, The SwimJet Pro HD features advanced filtration for an efficient, thorough cleaning; jet propulsion system that efficiently guides The SwimJet Pro HD to pick up all debris; brushless motor that circulates 5,000 gallons of water per hour; adjustable intake ports; a two hour automatic shut-off, and convenient cleaning cycles for up to 7 hours; non-marring tires and a 24 sq. ft. built in cartridge element filter. The SwimJet Pro HD comes complete with a reusable filtration bag, 115v power supply, 60 feet floating power cord.


SwimJet Pro HD IG
Item#: E1606



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    • For cleaning floors and partial walls with 6’ radius
    • 1 hour cleaning time
    • Flow Rate of 5000 GPH
    • 24 sq. ft. cartridge filter
    • Top access filter compartment
    • Adjustable vacuum intake ports
    • Brushless motors
    • Non-marring tires
    • Adjustable Shut-Off
    • 7-hour timer
    • Requires a 24V Operation
    • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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