Swimline Inflatable Laser Shark Wet Ski Squirter

Swimline's Laser Shark Wet Ski Squirter will provide hours of combat with you splashing and squirting your swimming pool buddies with the attached water pistol squirt gun that ensures an endless water supply.

Laser Shark Wet Ski Squirter is a kid friendly pool toy that lets the kids' creativity float and is sturdy enough to play along with the creative games kids may have in mind.

Kids can enjoy hours of fun whether they are at a beach, lake or swimming pool. The bright yellow and black color and shark shape adds to the appeal of this fun pool squirter.

 Swimming pool floats and rings are a lot of fun but there is one thing that makes them a little more interesting-Squirting. What could be better than making your opponents try and get away from you just with a little squirt of water?


We apologize. This item is currently Out of Stock for the season.

Swimline Inflatable Laser Shark Wet Ski Squirter
Manufacturer#: 9076
Item#: T0012



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    • Includes squirtgun
    • Measures: 18.50" X 18.50" X 2.75"

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