Swimways Step 3 Little Swimr ® - Small

Little Swimr®'s nine training levels gently encourage rapid swimming skill building by a gradual reduction in flotation. As the child's comfort level increases, the pads can be removed, one-by-one, to shift reliance from the floatation pads swimming aid to the child's swimming movement to teach swimming skills within the child's comfort zone.

The Little Swimr® gives the child complete range of arm and head movement while supporting the child in a position conducive to swimming movements. Great Swim Teacher. Intended for those 2-3 YRS (Approximately 20 - 35 pounds).

Swimways Step 3 Little Swimr ® - Small
Manufacturer#: 192
Item#: T9896



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    • High quality swim training mechanism
    • Intended for those 2-3 years of age
    • Accommodates approximately 20 - 35lbs
    • Part of Swimways Swim Training (9 levels)
    • Built to comfort young swimmers
    • Accommodates child's safety needs
    • Encourages confidence in the swimming pool

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