Taylor Complete DPD Test Kit

Taylor Complete DPD Test Kit

A complete DPD test kit designed for service people, commercial pool operators and health dept. officials interested in economy &portability. Uses 3/4 oz reagents. Includes printed color comparator, waterproof instructions, treatment charts and water proof chemistry guide. With Titrants to improve accuracy.

Test kit includes; 10 grams of DPD Powder; .75 oz. bottles of FAS-DPD Titrating Reagent, DPD Reagent #3, Phenol Red, Acid Demand Reagent, Base Demand Reagent, Cyanuric Acid Reagent X2, Sulfuric Acid .12N, Total Alkalinity Indicator, Thiosulfate N/10, Hardness Reagent, Calcium Indicator Liquid, Calcium Buffer; 2 Chamber Comparator, Water Balance Calculator Wheel, Cyanuric Acid Testing Bottle 7 / 14 mL.

Taylor Complete DPD Test Kit
Manufacturer#: K2006
Item#: A8235



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    Taylor K-2006 Test Kit tests your pool for:

    Kit comes in opaque, injection molded sturdy plastic case with handle, color coded directions, and in-depth waterproof pool chemistry guide.


    • Free & Total Chlorine - 0.5ppm - 5.0ppm
    • Bromine - 1.0ppm - 10.0ppm
    • pH - 6.8 - 8.2
    • Acid Demand / Base Demand
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Total Alkalinity
    • Cyanuric Acid


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