The Blue Stuff®

Jacks Blue Stuff is the most recommended start up product in the swimming pool industry for plaster pools. The Blue Stuff is very efficient at controlling plaster dust. The Blue Stuff™'s proprietary blend removes metals such as copper, iron, and manganese from the water.

Jacks Blue Stuff is very stable in high chlorine (even over 10 ppm) levels. Jacks Blue Stuff prevents and removes stains and scale in plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass pools.
  • Directions
  • » Use when Re-Plastering a pool
  • » Follow manufacturer directions specifically
  • » Read the Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Benefits
  • Most Recommended Product for Plaster Pools
  • Especially Effective In Pools With Copper Staining

    Jack's Magic - The Blue Stuff® - 32oz.
    Manuf#: JMBLUE032
    $29.99 Qty.
    The Blue Stuff®-2 x 1 Quart
    Manuf#: JMBLUE032
    $59.99 Qty.



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