The Circulator

Save time and money with the One and Only Circulator!

The Circulator improves your pool water circulation up to an astounding 1500%, making your Circulator a money saving investment by reducing operating costs and extending the life of your pool's finish.

This patented turbo-jet nozzle features a powerful 360 rotation that penetrates all layers of contaminants, including floating debris, dirt, and suspended particles of bacteria and directs them to the skimmer and main drain to be filtered.

Cleaning your pool becomes virtually effortless with the amazing high-performance power of the Circulator.


    The Circulator
    Item#: A2292
    Now $39.99 was $49.99 Qty.



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    You now have Peace of Mind knowing that you and your family are swimming in a safer and healthier pool.

    • Installing the Circulator is easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
    • Just remove your existing return fitting.
    • Screw The Circulator into you return and forget about it. All you see is the top nozzle working automatically.
    • Work less, enjoy more and save money while your Circulator is working hard for you.

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