The Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Cleaner

The Rampage Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner by Dirt Devil is an advanced, powerful pool cleaner. It has the power to clean your in-ground pool in three hours. This smart pool cleaner calculates the size of your swimming pool and programs itself with the most time and energy-efficient pattern needed to clean your pool to the ultimate clean.

The Dirt Devil Rampage features Quik Clean Technology to clean any size, shape or type of residential in-ground pool in the most time efficient and quality manner possible. It can clean a 20' x 40' pool in just one hour!

The Rampage Robotic Pool Vacuum has a powerful on-board pump that sucks up dirt and debris from your pool bottom, walls and steps. No additional pump is needed. It brushes, scrubs and vacuums all at once!

Wireless Remote Control Model also available!

The Rampage Robotic is also available with a wireless remote that lets you control your cleaner manually. You can maneuver the cleaner around and easily spot clean your pool.

Dirt Devil Rampage In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Manuf#: 35-RAMP-BX
Item#: E1165
Dirt Devil Rampage In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner w/ Wireless Remote
Manuf#: E1170
Item#: E1170
No Longer Available
Dirt Devil Rampage Pool Cleaner Caddy Cart
Manuf#: 99-35-46003001
Item#: E1175
No Longer Available
Dirt Devil Rampage Replacement Microbial Filters ( 2 Pack)
Item#: E1172

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  • Calculates your pool size and shape and programs itself
  • Quik Clean Technology cleans your pool in an hour
  • Easy to clean removable cartridge filter
  • Works independently of your pool pump and filter
  • Microban element extends life of filter
  • Powerful, on-board pump. No additional pump needed
  • Brushes, scrubs and vacuums all at once
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Includes 120/24V transformer, 55' cord and heavy duty filter
  • Power supply input voltage: 115 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz 24V DC secondary
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