The Pool Blaster MAX HD

The Pool Blaster MAX HD provides you with a 40% larger capacity filter bag and 20% more power than the standard Pool Blaster Max!

Easily and quickly suck up dirt, leaves, bugs and other debris with the Pool Blaster Max HD. It is perfect for spot cleaning and manual vacuuming of your pool.

The Pool Blaster MAX HD packs extra power for deep cleaning with it's Super-High Flow pump located in the machine. With it's builting pump and filter system, there is no need to hook it into your pool's filtration system. It runs off a rechargable battery so you don't have to mess around with cords

Pool Blaster Sand/Silt Bag
Manuf#: PBW022SS
Item#: E1356
Pool Blaster Hose Accessory Kit
Manuf#: E1358
Item#: E1358
Pool Blaster Max HD Pool and Spa Vacuum
Manuf#: PB MAX HD
Item#: E1350

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  • For use in any kind of pool, spa or hot tub
  • Powerful enough to vacuum entire pool
  • Operates up to 1 hour on it's rechargable 8.4 volt battery
  • Battery charges in only 1-2 hours
  • No hoses or cords
  • Attaches to your telescopic pole to reach all areas of your pool
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