The Slime Bag

The Slime Bag

The Slime Bag™ features a unique combination of materials that allow it to filter particles as small as 1 micron while returning the clean water to your pool, allowing you to completely clean your pool without wasting all the water.

The Slime Bag is ideal for cleaning ponds and fountains too!

    The Slime Bag - The Filler Up Bag
    Manuf#: SB1-5012
    $54.99 Qty.
    The Slime Bag - The X-tra Polishing / Vacuum Bag
    Manuf#: SB1-5018
    $56.99 Qty.



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    The Filler Up Bag

    Use The Slime Bag Filler Up Bag when filling your pool or spa. This bag filters out most minerals and metals like iron and copper that discolor your pool water, and keeps the water sparkling clean and clear. It easily attaches to your garden hose and removes all contaminants that make the pool water look green or brown.

    The Slime Bag Filler Up Bag measure 9" x 30".

    The Polishing Bag

    The Polishing Bag™ by Slime Bag polishes filtered water by removing 98% of particles 1 micron and larger. It is more effective in comparion to sand filter, which can only trap particles measuring 25-50 microns or larger.

    The Polishing Bag measures 12" x 30".

    The Backwash/D.E. Removal Bag

    The Backwash/D.E. Removal Bag saves you a lot of chemically treated water that normally gets lost after conventional backwashing. Start your normal backwashing cycle for approximately 30 seconds. This will get the bulk of the real nasty stuff out of the filter. Now, install the Backwash/DE Polishing Bag to the end of your backwash hose. Place the end of this hose into your pool and continue to backwash your filter for about another 2 minutes. Your filter is now backwashed and you saved a hundred or so gallons of chemically treated warm pool water. Simply clean the backwash bag periodically as needed.

    The Backwash/D.E. Removal Bag measures 30" x 36".

    The Slime Bag-The X-tra Polishing/ Vacuum Bag-A1954

    Use the Vacuum/X-Tra Polishing Bag when you are vacuuming your pool and you get some of the same algae and fine dirt escaping back into the pool at the same time.  This bag doubles for the larger polishing bag SB1.5018 and as a Vacuum Polishing Bag.

    The X-Tra Polishing/Vacuum Bag measures 18" x 30".

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