The Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff®

The Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff has been developed to meet the specific needs of vinyl liner pools, including those with heaters. The Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff helps prevent metal stains (including copper) and scaling in new vinyl pools. This product also helps to remove metal stains and scale in older vinyl pools.

The Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff works particularly well in areas where copper and high sanitizer levels are a common water condition. This high performance product is also an important component of an effective opening and closing program for your vinyl liner pool.

  • Directions
  • » Use in older vinyl pools to help stain removal
  • » Always follow the manufacturer instructions
  • » Use in new vinyl pools to help prevent staining
  • Benefits
  • • Important component of effective opening/closing program
  • • Great for both new & old vinyl pools
    Jack's Magic Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff™ - 32oz.
    Manuf#: JMBLUEVINYL032
    $24.99 Qty.
    Jack's Magic Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff™ - 2 x 1 Quart
    Manuf#: JMBLUEVINYL032
    $44.99 Qty.
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