Thunder G-Jet Robotic Pool Cleaner

Eco Friendly - Wallet Friendly!

The Aquabot Thunder G-Jet Robot is a whole lot of pool cleaner for a small price. The eco-friendly G-Jet Pool Cleaner will start saving you money from the moment it starts cleaning your pool. With and on-board filtration pump and big 34 quart capacity filter bag the G-Jet will cut down on the amount of time you need to run your pool's filter pump, saving you money on electricity. Plus, as the G-Jet cleaner moves across your pool floor, its jet-drive propulsion mixes the cooler, chemical-rich water at the bottom of your pool with the warmer, chemical-depleted water near the surface - improving over-all water quality and saving you even more money on chemicals!

In at little as 2 hours the Aquabot Thunder G-Jet automatic pool cleaning robot can clean a 36' long pool of any shape. The G-Jet's on-board filter pump and filter bag provide this robot pool cleaner with quadruple functionality; vacuum suction, pool water filtration, and by simply diverting the clean water flow outward it provides hydraulic jet propulsion to drive Aquabot G-Jet to easily roll about while it circulates your pool water. And don't worry about the G-Jet coming across a mess it can't handle. Dual, off-set adjustable water intakes handle debris as large as leaves to as small as silt.

Aquabot Thunder G-Jet Robotic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools
Manuf#: E1596
Item#: E1596
No Longer Available
Aquabot Replacement Filter Bag - Fine
Manuf#: 8111
Item#: ZAQP0003

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AquaBot Thunder G-Jet Technical Specs

  • For In Ground Pools Up to 36’ long of any pool type/shape
  • Cleaning time of 30 Minutes – 2 Hours (Automatic 2-Hour Shut-Off)
  • Huge debris capacity of 34 Quarts
  • 2 Offset customizable intake ports prevent clogging.
  • Super wide 10.5" cleaning path.
  • Filtration/Circulation rate of 4500 GPH
  • Forward/Reverse Timer: 0-60 Second Timer
  • Drive system jet drive propulsion system (on-board, high efficiency brushless pump)
  • 50’ Floating Power Cord
  • Only draws 1 AMP of power! Super Efficient!
  • Energy Consumption 24V (AC)
  • Wall cleaning requires 6" radius rounded corners floor to wall
  • One Year Warranty
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