Ultimate Winter Pool Cover 15 x 30 Ft. Oval (Pool Size)

Ultimate Winter Pool Cover 15 x 30 Ft. Oval (Pool Size)

Take the hassle out of your spring pool opening with the Ultimate Winter Above-Ground Poool Cover!

Designed for strength and durability, the new Ultimate Winter Pool Cover is manufactured with Armorkote™ technology, an extremely durable fabric coating that reduces abrasion with the pool's top ledge and resists scuffing and wear better than any other pool cover. The Ultimate Winter Pool Cover features a 6 inch wide panel of Micro Mesh Cover material which allows water to pass through while keeping dirt and debris out. No more swampy mess sitting on top of your pool cover and no more babysitting a cover pump.

Ultimate Winter Pool 15 x 30 Ft. Oval (Pool Size)
Manufacturer#: W4860
Item#: W4860
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    The Ultimate Winter Pool Cover is secured to your above ground pool with heavy duty UV resistant rubber straps which are looped through clips attached to your pool uprights. And the Ultimate Winter Above Ground Pool cover is the only winter cover that features a rugged, double stitched binding with vinyl reinforced grommets.

    • Armorkote coating resists abrasion and wear on the cover.
    • Micro Mesh Panel allows water to drain into pool while keeping debris out.
    • Comes complete with strap clips, protective wear guards and all necessary hardware.
    • 12-Year Warranty (1-Year Full)


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