Wall Saver Above Ground Gasket Set

Protect your pool wall from damage and inhibit rust right at the skimmer opening with the strong and sturdy Wall Saver Gasket Set. Made especially for aboveground pools, these gaskets are extra wide and are seamed together to offer maximum protection from moisture. A must-have for pools when replacing a liner, the Wall Saver Gasket Set includes both standard and wide mouth sizes and a return gasket.

Standard Gasket Measures:
Outside: 10.2” x 10”
Inside: 5.87” X 5.35”

Wide mouth Gasket Measures:
Outside: 15.75” X 9.13”
Inside: 11.42” X 5.35”

Wall Saver Above Ground Gasket Set
Manufacturer#: 89463
Item#: Z5984
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