Water Tech AquaBroom Battery Powered Pool and Spa Vacuum

Clean your pool or spa in a flash with our easy-to-use Aqua broom!

The Aqua Broom is a battery powered, handheld pool or spa vacuum. It is perfect for a small pool or hot tub. It sucks up dirt, leaves, bugs and other debris. It stores all of the debris into a large-capacity, resuable filter bag. The filter bag can be cleaned easily.

The Aqua Broom runs for up to three hours on a set of five D batteries (not included). It features it's own internal vacuum motor so you don't have to connect it to your pool's filtration system!


  • Keeps your pool free from dirt, leaves, sand, algae and debris
  • Has its own internal vacuum system
  • You won't need to connect to the pool filtration system
  • Runs up to three hours on five "D" batteries
  • On/Off Swivel similar to a flashlight
  • Light-weight handheld swimming pool vacuum
  • Built-in wheels for all pools
  • Attaches to your telescopic pole to reach all areas of your pool


Water Tech AquaBroom Battery Powered Pool and Spa Vacuum
Item#: E1352

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