Waterway ClearWater Pool Sand Filter

A rugged, corrosion proof, one-piece body and high filtration area makes the Waterway Clearwater Sand Filter a smart choice for the pool owner on a budget. The ClearWater Sand filter features a seven-function top mount valve for maximum control over the filter system, and full flow, self cleaning laterals with large surface area for maximum flow. This filter is an excellent choice for above ground pools. The ClearWater Sand Filter is able to keep your pool free of dirt and debris down to 15 microns (a human hair is 100 microns).


  • Durable roto-molded tank body is spherical to evenly distribute the pressure resulting in greater strength and longer life of the filter
  • Corrosion-proof body
  • High Flow internal diffuser for even water distribution
  • 7-function top-Mount 1 1/2" FPT Multi-Port valve with Split-Nut Lock Union
  • 1 1/2" drain port
  • Mounting base included
  • 3 Year Warranty


Waterway FS016 Sand Swimming Pool Filter
Manuf#: FS016
Item#: E4414
Waterway FS019 Sand Swimming Pool Filter
Manuf#: FS019
Item#: E4416
Waterway FS022 Sand Swimming Pool Filter
Manuf#: FS022
Item#: E4418
Waterway FS026 Sand Swimming Pool Filter
Item#: FS026
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Waterway ClearWater Swimming Pool Filter Dimensions

Waterway ClearWater Sand Filter Dimensions
Waterway ClearWater Sand Filter Dimensions
Model No. Filtration Area Flow Rate Turnover Capacity Sand Required Weight
6 Hours 8 Hours


1.4 sq. ft.

35 GPM

12,600 gal.

16,800 gal.

50 lbs

25 lbs.


2.0 sq. ft.

45 GPM

16,200 gal.

21,600 gal.

100 lbs

28 lbs.


2.6 sq. ft.

55 GPM

19,800 gal.

26,400 gal.

150 lbs

34 lbs.


3.5 sq. ft.

70 GPM

25,200 gal.

33,600 gal.

200 lbs

43 lbs.


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