Whirlwind One-Person Above Ground Pool Solar Reel

This deluxe solar reel for above ground pools is strong and durable, designed for use with above ground solar pool blankets. The Whirlwind Solar Reel features stainless steel bearings at each end to provide for easy gliding and single handed operation. Heavy-duty mounting brackets can be permanently bolted to pool top rails which are at least 6 inches wide. Strong, telescoping aluminum tube can be extended to fit the width of your specific pool and will not sag or buckle under the weight of your pool's solar blanket. Reel comes complete with Base Box and Tube Box.


  • Reel can be operated single handedly.
  • Heavy-duty telescoping aluminum tubing will not sag under the weight of solar blankets.
  • Convenient hand crank at either end of the pool.
  • Stainless steel bearings provide easy gliding and easy reeling.
  • Easy to install and store when not in use.
  • Reel conveniently pivots out of the way while swimmers are in the pool.
    Above Ground Solar Reel, 12' - 18' Wide
    $184.99 Qty.
    Above Ground Solar Reel, 19' - 24' Wide
    $229.99 Qty.
    Above Ground Solar Reel, Up to 28' Wide
    $374.99 Qty.
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