White Pool Plaster Repair Kit

Our swimming pool plaster mixture does not rush the job, and like our other plaster repair kits, it also matches the original surface of most pool plaster mix. Easy to mix and apply, you can repair your own pool plaster in no time! The EZ Patch plaster patch kit contains bonding agent in a separate bottle in the container. Just mix, add some water and mix until you get a spreadable mix. Smooth this over areas of plaster delamination, or use to fill plaster cracks, or cover up areas where the gunite is showing through the plaster. (See video for pool plaster repair surface prep, application and curing  instructions).

    E-Z Patch® 1 White Pool Plaster Repair - 10 lb
    Manuf#: EZP-002
    $49.99 Qty.
    E-Z Patch® 1 White Pool Plaster Repair - 3 lb
    Manuf#: EZP-001
    $22.99 Qty.
    E-Z Patch® 1 White Pool Plaster Repair - 50 lb
    Manuf#: EZP-003
    $179.99 Qty.



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    Note: If you need to repair an upgraded “bright white” plaster, add a bright white colorant like Titanium Dioxide to our mix to make our pool plaster mix a brighter white. 3 & 10 lb kit (50 lb kit can be special ordered)

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