Zodiac Nature2 DuoClear Replacement Cartridge

Replacement Mineral Purifier Cartridges for use in Zodiac DuoClear, and Nature2 Fusion and Fusion Soft Systems. The Duo Clear system by Nature2 combines a salt generator chlorine system, with the power of Nature2 purification. Replace your Duo Clear cartridges every six months.

W26000 Zodiac DuoClear 25 CartridgeThe Zodiac/Nature2 DuoClear salt water chlorinator for swimming pools sanitizes pool water automatically while reducing the chlorine level to just 0.5 ppm. Self-cleaning.unit reverses polarity every 5.8 hours to prevent calcium build-up. The DuoClear system gives your pool water a more consistent pH balance and reduces the need to frequently add harsh chemicals and decreases the spikes in the chlorine readings of your pool.

In addition to the chlorine generator, Zodiac Duo-Clear adds the Nature2 chlorine-free mineralizer. Nature2’s natural sanitizing cleans the pool water, allowing the chlorine generator to run less, resulting in a lower amount of chlorine in the pool. Trouble-free chlorine produced naturally and automatically By adding a mild salt solution to your pool, the Zodiac LM charges the salt ions and produces chlorine. The salt solution in your pool is at a much lower level that is found in a human tear.Nature2 technology assures you’ll have better water quality than what you would achieve with other types of chlorine.

    Zodiac Nature 2 Duoclear 25 Cartridge Single - Up to 25,000 Gal.Pools
    Manuf#: W28000
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    Zodiac Nature 2 Duoclear 35 Cartridge Single - 25,000 to 35,000 Gal.Pools
    Manuf#: W28001
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    Zodiac Nature 2 Duoclear 45 Cartridge Single - 35,000 to 45,000 Gal.Pools
    Manuf#: W28002
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