Zodiac Nature2 G Series Replacement Cartridge

Transform your pool into a crystal clear sanctuary with Zodiac's line of revolutionary Nature2 pool products. Nature2 is a natural, mineral-based pool sanitizer that creates a soothing environment free of the chemical odors and irritants found in most chlorine pool treatments. In addition to keeping your pool sanitized and bacteria free, Nature2 dramatically improves the look, feel and smell of your pool water. Once you glide through the silky smooth water of a Nature2 pool, you will instantly feel the difference.

Nature2 Replacement Cartridges eliminate 99.8% of pool water contaminants. Ou discount nature2 cartridges are factory fresh.

Replacement cartridges are availabe for models G25, G35, G45

The most popular purifier unit made by Nature 2, the Pro model also known as the Model G.

For Premium M Series Vessels. For above ground pools from 5000-30,000 gallons. For residential pools only.


  • Each cartridge lasts up to 6 months
  • Drastically reduces chlorine usage
  • Eliminates red eyes, foul odors and skin irritation
  • Kills algae and bacteria
Nature2 Model M Cartridge 1-25,000 gals - 1 ea.
Manuf#: W28155
Item#: A2528
Nature 2 EXPRESS Cartridge
Manuf#: W26775
Item#: A2530
Nature 2 Model G25 Cartridge, 1-25,000 gals - 1 ea.
Manuf#: W28125
Item#: A2535
Nature 2 Model G35 Cartridge, 1-35,000 gals - 1 ea.
Manuf#: W28135
Item#: A2536
Nature 2 Model G45 Cartridge, 1-45,000 gals - 1 ea.
Manuf#: W28145
Item#: A2537
Nature2 Model A Cartridge, 5000-30,000 gals - 1 ea.
Manuf#: W28165
Item#: A2538

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