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Antimicrobial Filters

Pleatco+PLUS Antimicrobial Filters

Your filter is the most important factor in keeping your water clean so we have designed the Pleatco+PLUS Antimicrobial Filter Cartridges that are coated with special antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria so you haveperfectly clean water every time. Pleatco+PLUS Antimicrobial Filter Cartridges are constructed with an innovative Filtration Media which combines 100% polyester synthetic fibers that help filter out contaminants and keep your water pure, clean, and crystal clear.

Bacteria develop rapidly-sometimes as fast as doubling in size within 20 minutes-and are too small to be seen without a microscope. Our antimicrobial protection is infused into a product during its making to help protect it from bacteria and contamination. Pool filters and cartridges are very susceptible to microbial growth and thus require added protection. Antimicrobial protection works by going through the cell wall of these microbes and disrupts their chemical processes so they are unable to function, grow and re-produce.

Prevent odors and discoloration in your pool and enjoy a healthy, perfectly pure, sparkling water by using our Pleatco+PLUS Antimicrobial FilterCartridges.

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