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Pool Deck Repair and Refinishing

Mortex Pool Deck Repair Kit by EZ PATCH Color Swatches

pool deck sand buff colorEZ Patch #2: For repair and rejuvenation of Textured Concrete surfaces, including Mortex's Pool Deck®, Stegmeier's Frontier Desert Deck®, or Permacrete, Sundek, Miracote... that are spalling, cracking or de-laminating.

pool deck aqua colorNow, ALL EZ Patch Pool Deck Repair colors are available! We have divided the pool deck repair patch colors below by Manufacturer. Visit our section of Pool Deck Coatings and sealants to protect, deepen the color or rejuvenate your textured concrete surfaces, pool decks, patios and sidewalks.

View E-Z Patch Swimming Pool Deck Repair Video.

Pool Deck Repair Center

Pool Deck Coatings: Concrete Pool Deck Sealants by EZ Patch, National and Ramuc

EZ Patch #2: Mortex Pool Deck Repair Patch by EZ Patch

EZ Patch #2: Frontier Desert Deck® Repair Patch by EZ Patch

Color Swatches can be found on the left side of this page. Image may not be exact to actual color.

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