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Pool Timers

Save Time, Work & Money

Save Time, Work, and Money with our selection of swimming pool timers and pool automation products. With pool timers and automation you can set the time of day for your filter to come on or your pool cleaner booster pump to activate while you sit back and relax. Take advantage of your power company's non-peak hour charges and have your pump activate while you sleep.

More advanced options for pool automation include remote controls for water features, landscaping lights and pool lights from control pads or remotes. Get real time temperature readings while in your home. You can even control your pool via your home computer or any telephone.

Intermatic Swimming Pool and Spa Timers

Intermatic Swimming Pool Pump, Cleaner, and Spa Timers

Intermatic offers a wide selection of digital and mechanical timer controls for pool pumps, booster pumps and heaters. The simplest options are one circuit mechanical timers which can trip power on or off several times a day.

Higher end options include the ability to control up to three circuits at once including two-speed pumps, landscape and pool lighting, and coordinated shut off of a gas fired pool heater 20 minutes before pump shutdown to eliminate the problems of superheated water and reduce scale build up.

Intermatic Timers



goldline pool solar heater controller

Goldline Automatic Solar Heater Controller by Hayward

An automatic solar heater controller improves the effciency of your solar heater by regulating your pool's water temperature.

The Goldline Solar Controller features unique micro-processer based construction and advanced operating features for precise temperature control with optional nighttime cooling, and freeze protection.

Solar Heater Controllers



Jandy AquaLink Swimming Pool Control System
Jandy AquaLink® All Button Control Panel

Jandy AquaLink Swimming Pool Control System - TouchLink
Jandy AquaLink® TouchLink™ Control Panel

Jandy AquaLink® RS Pool Automation

Jandy has long been regarded as the leader in pool and spa automation by bringing easy to use and attractive control systems to the pool and spa industry. Jandy Control Systems bring simple push button operation of pool and spa equipment indoors. What does this mean for you? No more trips to the equipment pad! The days of going out into the cold and stumbling around in the dark to operate pool and spa equipment are over.

The Jandy AquaLink® RS Control System puts control of your whole backyard paradise at your fingertips. Adjust spa temperature, turn on water features, monitor chlorine generation and rest assured that the cleaner is on without ever stepping outside. There is an AquaLink® RS for every application � pools, spas, pool and spa combinations, custom pools and spas with separate equipment � controlling up to thirty two different pieces of equipment or features.

Control Your Pool or Spa System - From Anywhere

Remote automation gives you the power to manage all pool and spa equipment, backyard lighting and more from inside your home or outside in your yard. With a variety of features, from multiple control panels to spa side remotes, from your telephone to even your PC, you can control your pool, spa and backyard amenities from anywhere! Imagine adjusting water temperature, dimming lights or turning on a waterfall while sitting in your spa with friends. Plus, you can phone your system from anywhere and activate your heater so the water is the ideal temperature when you get home. The AquaLink® RS Control System makes it all possible.

Jandy AquaLink® All Button Controls

Jandy AquaLink® TouchLink™ Controls

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