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Pumps & Motors (cont.)


Make sure the water level in the pool is high enough, and that the skimmer weir is not stuck in the up position. Make sure that the incoming and outgoing valves are in the open position. If you suspect a clogged line, you can purchase a Drain King at a local hardware store, or from us (just click on the link) to pressurize the line backwards from the skimmer towards the pump and remove leaf/debris obstructions.


Replacement of filter pump:


When replacing your motor, you may opt to install a high efficiency pump (one that is sized correctly for your filter). This will reduce energy consumption and/or increase skimmer suction to make the pool easier to keep clean. Prices vary, however, in the way of example, the 1 hp Hayward SuperPump will cost $299, plus a few plumbing fittings and one hour labor. There may also be electrical costs to upgrade or remove hazards.


To replace or rebuild your motor?


For most all rebuilds of your motor, expect charges of $100 to have a motor shop rebuild a motor (which you bring to them and pick up). Theoretically, the motor will last another eight years, but the warranty is only 90 days. Replacing the motor with new would cost $187 for a 1 hp AO Smith motor, plus one hour labor. The warranty on the new motor is 2 - 3 years for most manufacturers. Whether rebuilding or  replacing the motor, the Mechanical Shaft Seal should also be replaced.


Booster Pumps


You may have an automatic pool cleaner (ex. a Polaris) that requires a booster pump. It looks different from your filter pump because it doesn't have a strainer basket. All else is the same, however it should last longer if it's being used only a few hours per day.


Never operate the booster pump without the filter operating and providing it a constant flow of water. If you have time clocks, synchronize them to ensure this doesn't happen. Otherwise, you will probably burn up the shaft seal, and possibly damage the bearings.


Blower Motors


If your pool has an attached spa, you may have a forced air blower motor sticking up above water level. This is connected into the spa jets (return lines) to provide turbulence and air therapy.


If your blower motor is not working or is very noisy, it may need rebuilding or replacing. Warranties and prices are very similar to filter motors.


Before calling for service on any motor, check that switches on the motor are on, breakers are on, spa side or indoor remote controls are on, and the timer is on.


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