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Safety Covers

Bubbles the Elephant on Loop-Loc's Standard Mesh Cover
Your winter safety cover may never need to support the weight of an
elephant but you'll feel secure knowing that it could.
Loop-Loc pool safety covers


Loop-Loc Winter Safety Covers

The LOOP-LOC safety cover is THE mesh pool cover. Winter pool covers by loop-loc protect your swimming pool. Besides the world renowned reputation for quality, its tradition of durability, reliability and trusted performance. We've got 20 Reasons to Insist on a genuine LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Cover for your pool.

A solid pool cover looks innocent enough when you put it on. But after the first rain, it turns into an ugly, messy, slimy, dangerous monster that inhabits your backyard all winter long. Pool covers that are solid allow rainwater to collect on top, along with dirt, debris, leaves and many living creatures from algae to frogs, snakes, and mosquitoes.

The result is a mess that requires frequent pumping, maintenance and heavy duty cleaning through the winter and a major job when opening the pool. This mess can be hazardous as well as being an eyesore. A child, pet or wild animal wandering onto a solid cover can become trapped as water rushes to the point of their depression in the cover. Slippery algae and / or tearing of the swimming pool cover make escape difficult.

A LOOP-LOC swimming pool safety cover is different. It's made of a fine mesh polypropylene that allows rain water and snow melt to pass slowly through. Before putting the cover on for the winter, the water level is lowered 12-18" to allow for the winter buildup of precipitation. The tight weave of the nearly indestructible fabric keeps out all but the very finest dust.  Dirt and debris blow away, so the cover always stays dry and neat looking...no slimy monster.

The LOOP-LOC is designed to hold taut to the exact shape of the pool with stainless steel springs and solid brass anchors that screw down flush to deck level when the cover is not in use. A dry, taut cover that never needs pumping and will support the weight of an elephant is a lot safer for children (& elephants) to be around. Now made with new Loop-Loc Mesh II material!


Standard vinyl covers weighed down with water bags turn into dangerous, slimy, swampy messes. Is this what your pool looks like come springtime?

No mess here! Loop Loc safety covers stay clean and neat, and best of all safe, all season long.

LOOP-LOC pool covers are so well made that they come with a Twelve year warranty. You'll never have another sleepless night wondering what's crawling on your winter pool cover, and if it will break a seam or develop a hole that contaminates your pool water. You'll never wonder if the pool is safe from unauthorized use or if playful children are safe around it. No more ugly, slimy monster in the backyard. Once the LOOP-LOC pool cover goes on, there's nothing to do until spring!

As you can see, the LOOP-LOC safety cover is strong; very strong. The PoolCenter has decided to include the LOOP-LOC cover at our site, because we (and our customers) find them to be the best available. There are a few imitators to the LOOP-LOC, and I've tried most of them. The LOOP-LOC safety mesh pool cover is top shelf. They also just happen to be made by the most exceptional group of people I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Insist on the best for your pool and your children.

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Loop-Loc mascot Bubble the Elephant

Loop-Loc Ultra-Loc II Solid Pool Safety Covers

For pool owners who prefer a solid safety cover, the ULTRA-LOC series far surpasses solid vinyl pool covers in durability, beauty and performance! Solid Safety Swimming Pool Covers by Loop-Loc® come in a variety of sizes & models. All Loop-Loc winter pool covers are high-quality and make your backyard and home safer for children, pets, and local wildlife. Ultra-Loc is built with the same legendary quality, beautiful custom fit, and unique easy-on/easy-off anchoring system that you find only with a LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Cover!

Loop-Loc now introduces ULTRA-LOC II, an all-new patented 100% polypropylene solid material that offers unmatched strength and durability while being incredibly lightweight. ULTRA-LOC's advanced material is fabricated by adding a proprietary solid copolymer coating to LOOP-LOC's famous lightweight but incredibly strong mesh. No other solid safety cover bounces back better. No more ugly pockets of water and debris from the cover being stretched that are found with typical solid vinyl covers, and it drains super fast.

This ultra-light, ultra-strong cover weighs 33% less than other all-vinyl solid winter pool covers, making your pool openings and closing a breeze. Why put up with draining a swamp at the beginning of every pool season? Unlike solid water bag covers a LOOP-LOC requires no pumping, scrubbing or heavy maintenance. Ultra-Loc winter covers come with either two "invisible" mesh drainage panels or without panels. Covers sold without panels block 100% of sunlight, prohibiting the growth of algae. Winter covers without drainage panels come with a Little-Giant cover pump which must be used at all times to meet ASTM safety cover standards.

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Loop-Loc Safety Cover Treatments

Call 877-766-5287 to find out how to include these unique features to your Loop-Loc Safety Cover!

All safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). To abide by the ASTM, a safety cover must be able to support a certain amount of weight, not permit gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through, and remove standing water. LOOP-LOC safety covers far exceed minimum ASTM standards. With today's custom swimming pools utilizing more design treatments such as waterfalls, raised decks, rock treatments, and raised spas along with commercial covers featuring center playgrounds and non-removable raised obstructions, it is important to achieve the ASTM guidelines on these custom designs. LOOP-LOC's Exclusive patent-pending treatments are the answer! LOOP-LOC is committed to keeping pools safe while still providing an elegant designer look.

AquaLoc Detail


LOOP-LOC has a better way to install its safety covers on large commercial pools and pools with rails and other non-removable raised obstructions - the patent-pending new AQUA-LOC treatment.

  1. YKK industrial zipper secures cover sections.
  2. Black urethane UV coating protects zipper.
  3. Stainless steel block prevents zipper from being opened.
  4. Key-lockable cable secures block in place. It's easy to install, easy to use, and greatly reduces the need for multiple sections and strap-and-buckle treatments. Meets all ASTM standards for safety covers.
Secure-A-Gap Detail


The safest, simplest way to close gaps created by raised spas. LOOP-LOC'S new patent-pending SECURE-A-GAP Treatment. The perfect solution for raised spas, waterfalls, rises or any obstruction higher than 9", where a two cover treatment is not desired.

Avoid Dangerous Gaps! Traditional up and over treatments are not considered safe for rises 9" or more. These treatments leave large gaps that permit access to the waters edge, and allow leaves and debris to collect under the cover. SECURE-A-GAP is the safe solution.

Allows Safety Cover designation for rises from 9"-18". Easy to install. Installer can field fit to provide the most secure gap barrier for each cover. Materials are flexible enough to provide close fit on any irregular shapes (rocks, round spas, etc.) Meets all ASTM standards for safety covers.

CableLoc Detail


Installing LOOP-LOC safety covers on pools with raised walls is now a whole lot easier... and a more beautiful experience. Our innovative new patent-pending CABLE-LOC Raised Wall Treatment features flexible anchor positioning, exceptional quality materials, and a sleek new look. The smaller profile Safedge Safety Barrier is segmented to better adapt to walls. Aircraft quality stainless steel cable has 5,000 lb. Break strength. CABLE-LOC not only fills in gaps, but has an elegant design that is sure to compliment all applications. Meets all ASTM standards for safety covers.

  1. New smaller-profile SAFEDGE® Safety Barrier is segmented to better adapt to walls.
  2. Aircraft-quality stainless steel cable has 5,000 lb. break strength
  3. Maximum 18" anchor spacing.


  1. Mesh construction lets rain, melting snow and ice drain through.
  2. Water doesn't collect on surface, so it's safer for children to be around.
  3. Because surface stays dry; dirt, leaves and debris blow away.
  4. Loop-Loc stays mess-free and beautiful to look at with no pumping, leaf removal or bag replacement.
  5. Custom designed to hold the shape of your pool.
  6. Stainless steel springs hold the cover taut.
  7. Brass anchors disappear flush with the deck when the cover is removed.
  8. Although the mesh is lightweight (5 lbs per 100 sq ft), it has a minimum break strength of 600 lbs per sq inch.
  9. Because it's lightweight, it's easy to put on and remove daily to retain heat, keep pool safe and clean all year.
  10. The springs snap on the anchors in a few minutes time to secure the pool for a day, week or month.
  1. Cover can be removed only with a Loop-Loc custom installation tool, so it's tamper-proof.
  2. Cuts down on the time for pool openings because no scrubbing or powdering or drying is required.
  3. May reduce your homeowners liability insurance rates.
  4. In certain areas a Loop-Loc cover may be used in place of a four-sided fence (check local codes).
  5. All components are non-corrosive.
  6. Every Loop-Loc comes with a Twelve Year Warranty.
  7. Only Loop-Loc offers SAFEDGE, a child safety intrusion barrier that meets raised walls, rocks or steps.
  8. Another exclusive GAP GUARD closes gaps caused by varying levels.
  9. Blends into your landscape.
  10. The Management at Loop-Loc represents almost 100 years of pool cover expertise.

Need repair kits or extra hardware for your Loop-Loc Safety Cover?
Visit our Mesh Cover Accessories Page.

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