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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heat is free!

We offer the Best Solar Pool Heating Money Can Buy!

Solar pool heating is the most efficient, least expensive way to heat your swimming pool. After all, solar heat is free! POOLCENTER.com offers top notch Solar heating products at nearly half the cost. We've been providing Solar pool heating systems for many years.

Our Do It Yourself Solar Pool Heaters from Enersol and Smartpool, Fafco and Solar Arc are easy to ship and easy to install. Our inventory has nearly doubled, and we've lowered prices. For more information on Solar Pool Heating, and purchasing the right system for you, click on one of the links below, or give us a phone call if you want to "talk solar"!

Do It Yourself Swimming Pool Solar Heating System
PoolCenter Pool Solar Heating Systems Solar Heating System Solar Arc Swimming Pool Heaters
PoolCenter Solar Heater

For Aboveground and In-Ground Pools
Rack, Roof or Ground Mount

SunHeater Solar System

For Aboveground Pools
Rack, Fence or Ground Mount

Solar Arc Heaters

For Inground/Aboveground Pools
Simple Installation

SolarAttic Pool Heater Liquid Solar Blankets for Pool Solar Heat goldline solar heat controller
SolarAttic Pool Heaters

Turn your attic heat into pool heat
Unique heat pump uses no panels

Liquid Solar Pool Blankets
Liquid Solar Blankets form an invisible layer on a pool's surface to retain heat
Solar Pool Heater Controllers
Solar Heat Controllers improve the effciency of your solar heater.



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