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The automatic pool cleaner is a device that leapt right into the hearts of pool owners and service technicians alike. In a genesis similar to that of human air flight, engineers and inventors have produced gadgets of fancy in the hopes of finding one that will fly.

Automatic pool cleaners vacuum and brush the pool, while improving circulation in the pool and the distribution of heat and chemicals. They are manufactured by many companies and offered in the price range of $99 to $1599, over 100 models to choose from!

Pool cleaners have achieved wide-spread use and acceptance by consumers and the service industry. They are generally broken into three categories; Suction Side Cleaners, Pressure Side Cleaners and Robotic Pool Cleaners. Different pool types and plumbing call for different pool cleaners. Click below for more information about the right pool cleaner to fit your pool type and your budget.

Suction Side Cleaners Pressure Side Cleaners Robotic Pool Cleaners

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