Above Ground Cleaners

Above ground pool cleaners are made specifically for pools with flat bottoms and are not intended to climb walls or deep end slopes. The best above ground pool cleaner for your pool may be an exact replacement of a previous cleaner, but if that didn’t work so well, there are other options. 

ABOVE GROUND SUCTION CLEANERS: Connected to your pool skimmer or low water suction line, suction cleaners are powered by the vacuum pressure created by your pool pump. A pump size of ¾ hp is a recommended minimum, to operate most above ground pool suction cleaners. Options include a Skim Vac plate, to catch the debris in the skimmer basket (as opposed to the pump basket, which clogs more easily), or an in-line strainer, to trap most debris before it enters the pump.

ABOVE GROUND PRESSURE CLEANERS: Connected to a pool return line, they operate from water pressure created by your pool pump. Polaris 65 is the only pressure cleaner suitable for above ground pools. It connects to the wall return and moves around the surface to help skimming action, while it scoops up floor debris in a separate debris bag. A ¾ hp (or larger) pool pump, is needed to provide enough water flow for an above ground pressure cleaner.

ABOVE GROUND ROBOTIC CLEANERS: Robotic cleaners for above ground pools operate from a low voltage power cord that is plugged into a poolside transformer, which is plugged into a grounded outlet. Robot above ground cleaners are completely independent of the pump and filter system, with their own onboard motors and debris bags. Lots of advantages, but also the most expensive type of pool cleaner, with possibly more expensive repairs in the future.