Automatic Pool Chlorinators

Automatic pool chlorinators take the guesswork out of maintaining a properly constant chlorine level in the pool. Add chlorine tablets or sticks to these chlorine feeders and use the dial to deliver a steady rate of chlorine, slowly dispensed whenever the pool pump is running.

Automatic chlorinators also protect your pool equipment by delivering the chemical downstream of the pump, filter and heater. Chlorine feeders also protect your skimmer pipes from major damage and pool surfaces from staining, caused by putting tablets in a skimmer or using a chlorine floater.

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Hayward Automatic Pool Chlorinators
Hayward Automatic Chlorinators for inground and above ground pools, install in-line or off-line
Pentair Rainbow Automatic Pool Chlorinators
Rainbow Feeders in regular, large and very large sizes, need only 4” of Pipe for in-line install
Sani King Performax 920 Aboveground Pool Sanitizer
Patented Sani-King Perform-Max feeders with large cover and dial knob for aboveground pools
Swimline Automatic Pool Chlorinator
Easy to install and convenient to use, Swimline's affordable chlorinators make sanitizing simple.

There are many pool chemicals needed to keep your water clean but sanitizers like chlorine and bromine are the most important. Although seemingly easy, using chlorine tablets correctly can be somewhat tricky and could result in under or over chlorinating the pool with peaks and valleys in chlorination. Automatic pool chlorinators reduce the margin of error in pool sanitizing by dispensing pool chlorine at a steady rate, and require refilling only every few weeks.

Automatic Pool Chlorinators add chlorine or bromine into your pool whenever the pump is running, killing algae and bacteria, working in concert with your pump and filter to keep the water clean and clear.

Using an automatic chlorinator is the best way to dissolve chlorine tablets. Tablets in the skimmer can damage the pipes and equipment, and used in a floater and they can spill out, or drop small bits of chlorine onto pool surfaces, causing a permanent stain.

At Pool Center, we carry all of the top brands in automatic pool chlorinators like CMP, Hayward, Pentair Rainbow, and Sani King. We also carry replacement parts for automatic pool chlorinators; so that you can keep yours operating at the highest level of performance.