Battery Powered

Pool Center offers top quality battery-powered pool cleaners. Use our comparison page to quickly compare cleaners by manufacturer, type, costs and benefits. Use Vinyl pool cleaners for Fiberglass Swimming Pools as well. If you need more information about the different types, visit our Pool Janitor's Pool Cleaner Page. There you can learn more about how each type works and choose what is best for you!

Battery powered pool cleaners are fully rechargeable, self-contained units that are powered by a battery and are very easy to operate. Most of the battery-powered pool cleaners are compact, hand-held units and can double as spot cleaners. Battery-powered pool cleaners quickly and easily remove larger debris such as leaves and twigs, as well as finer particles like sand and silt. Battery powered pool cleaners do not require any pumping or skimmer and filter connections and can clean all pool surfaces. These handy pool cleaners are very effective at cleaning your pool and can reach every corner using a standard telescopic pole.

Pool Center offers Pool Blaster and Aqua Broom for a completely portable, easy and thorough cleaning of your pool.