Beach & Pool Balls

Add even more excitement to your pool with a beach ball. Bright and colorful beach balls make pool time more entertaining; we offer many colorful, inflatable balls that can be taken to the pool, lake, or beach and will add a lot of fun to your aquatic activity.

Beach balls come in lots of colors, styles, and sizes. Beach balls are so lightweight and versatile that they can be used in several ways; you can use them the traditional way to play in on the beach; you can let your imagination flow and use them as decorations for your next pool party; or bring them inside on a cold winter day and play a little game of catch indoors just to get a feel of summer.

Pool Center carries a variety of beach balls to make your pool time more fun and entertaining. You can take these delightful balls to the beach, pool, or the lake and play a variety of games. Our beach balls are made of durable vinyl and are available in a number of sizes and colors. Play catch or bop around the pool or beach with our 24 Inch Multicolor Panel Style Beach Ball, or add jumbo fun to your outdoor activities with our 46 Inch Jumbo Multicolored Beach Ball. With their classic panel design and lively colors, these beach balls will lift your mood as you will throw them around. Our Swimways Light-Up Beach Ball lights up in three different colors and will serve as a great decorative accent to add pizzazz to your pool party. Come visit us today to buy some cool looking beach balls, and while you are here, we invite you to look at our air pumps to easily inflate your new beach ball, and patch kids just in case a repair is needed.