We carry all types of pool scrubbing brushes and telescoping poles to help making pool cleaning easier. Different types available, from extended reach pool brushes to spa and hot tub brushes.

Pool brushes come in various sizes and shapes, and serve the basic function of scrubbing pool walls and floors to remove debris. Brushes may have plastic, aluminum, or steel brackets and usually require a handle or pole to access the areas that need to be cleaned. While brush handles and poles vary in lengths, you may need a telescoping handle for hard to access areas and to extend your reach.

Pool brushes have non-scratch bristles and can be used on tiles, fiberglass, cement, and vinyl to remove algae, rust, and dirt easily. There are also hard bristled pool brushes that are normally used for acid washing and for preparing pool and deck surfaces for a paint application. Pool Center carries a wide variety of pool brushes; come stroll through our pool store and grab a few brushes and poles for scrubbing your pool!!