Cartridge Pool Filters

Cartridge pool filters outperform most sand filters, trapping particles below 20 microns. Cartridge elements are cleaned easily with a garden hose, and pool cartridges will last three to five years, before needing replacement. Cartridge filters save water because they aren't backwashed (like sand and DE filters) which wastes thousands of gallons per year. Cartridge filters also don't have a backwash valve, which reduces cost and repairs in the future. 

Keep your pool water crystal clear with a cartridge filter from

Similar to the pleated air filter in your automobile, dirt and debris accumulate on the cartridge element within the filter as water passes through the system and back out into the pool. Pool owners love cartridge filters for their streamlined design, affordability, and consistently low maintenance. Polyester filter cartridges are wrapped around a thick plastic or PVC center and bound at each end with a rubber-like plastic, allowing water to flow unrestricted from the exterior into the core.

Cleaning a cartridge filter differs from other filter types because the cartridge isn’t designed for backward flow. Instead of backwashing the filter, simply remove the cartridge and manually clean it off with a hose. Most cartridge pool filters can go an entire summer without needing to be cleaned. Of course, each time the filter element is rinsed, the filtering ability is slightly reduced. If the water pressure coming from the filter seems low or if the pool water is cloudy or tinted green for no reason, conduct a seasonal check up to ensure that the cartridge is properly locked in. Some pool owners also use a clarifier or filter aid powder to help with effectiveness.

Keep your pool clean, clear, and inviting by choosing a dependable pool filter and running it often. Some pool owners will run their filter all day long, but sixteen hours is a good metric to follow if you want to hinder algae growth. Remember, pool water that’s chemically treated and in motion is the key to proper pool maintenance, and your pool filter assists with both. Browse for an inventory of quality cartridge pool filters from trusted brands like Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy.