Chlorine Floaters

Floating Pool Chlorinators are effective, easy to use, economical, and float on your pool's surface to disperse sanitizers for an immaculately clean pool.

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Floating Pool Chlorinators
Floating chlorinators dispense sanitizer into the water and can add a fun, decorative touch
Frog Floating Systems
Naturally eliminate algae and contaminants to dramatically reduce bromine or chlorine usage

Floating pool chlorinators are extremely easy to use, and help maintain well sanitized and chemically balanced water in your pool or spa. Floating pool chlorinators typically float on your pool’s surface and use 1 inch or 3 inch tablets that are added to the floater and the unit is then dropped into your pool. Floating Pool Chlorinators gradually dissolve the sanitizer and disperse it into your pool water in order to kill algae, bacteria, and other kinds of contaminants. Because of their ease of use and effectives in killing bacteria, Floating pool chlorinators are the most common choice for pool owners. Floating pool chlorinators are very economical and are available in a large variety in our pool store. Check out our Jumbo Duck Pool Chlorinator, Cool Shark Pool Chlorinator, and Jumbo Gator Pool Chlorinator, and make your pool time safe and stylish.