Cleaning Accessories

Make pool maintenance easier and faster with our wide range of accessories for cleaning. We offer everything from pumice stones to cartridge cleaners in order to meet your pool cleaning needs.

You have installed the best swimming pool with the best equipment but the major task is the maintenance and upkeep of your pool and equipment. At Pool center we know that pool maintenance can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process so we offer the most versatile and handy cleaning accessories to make it easier for you to clean your pool and keep your equipment performing at its best.

Our cartridge cleaning flossers and wands help get rid of the dirt and debris that gets stuck within the cartridge pleats and does not wash off easily with water. A clean cartridge is a must in order for your filter to keep working properly so it is elemental that all the debris is removed thoroughly. We also offer pumice stones and scrubbing mitts that help remove stains and dirt and can be used alone or with cleaners and chemicals. Our Skimmer sock can be used as a liner for your skimmer to collect small debris that could clog up the pump or filter, and fits almost all skimmers.

We also offer items like Scum Ball and Sun Sorb that absorb body oils, lotions and swimmer waste to prevent the formation of scum lines at the water's edge and to reduce foaming. These simple accessories are easy to use and are inexpensive. So whatever kind of cleaning job you have at hand, you will find the right accessories in our pool store to make your job easier and faster!!