Pool Cleaning Supplies

Keep your swimming pool clean and maintained with our Pool Cleaning Equipment. We have a wide range of pool cleaning supplies including pool leaf rakes, pool brushes, pool vacuum hoses, pumice stones, leaf traps, telescopic pool poles and more! Replace those worn out pool cleaning tools that came with your pool with our high quality pool cleaning accessories.

Pool Cleaning Equipment By Category

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Telescopic pool cleaning poles, skimmer net attachments and other leaf skimmer accessories.
Brushes for Floor Cleaning & Wall Cleaning, Find the Right Size for Any Cleaning Job
Vacuum & Hoses
Pool Vacuum Head Attachments and Vacuum Hoses Make Manual Pool Cleaning a Breeze
Cleaning Accessories
Pumice Stone, Drain King, Filter Cartridge Cleaner, Pool Leaf Trap, Pool Pole Attachment

A big part of pool maintenance is time spent to keep a pool clean, skimming the surface, brushing and vacuuming floors and walls, and removing surface stains. When the cheap-o stuff that came with your pool wears out, start cleaning your pool with less effort with the pool cleaning tools that the pros use!

At Poolcenter, we stock a large variety of pool cleaning tools and accessories to remove leaves, dirt, and stains from the pool. And not just the cheap stuff, although we have that too, but high-grade professional quality cleaning equipment. We also carry common replacement parts for pool maintenance equipment, like pole handles and cams, vac head handles and wheels, vacuum hose cuffs, and those ā€œVā€ shaped butterfly clips to connect brushes and nets to a pole.

We also offer high levels of choice, choose from among 5 types of pool leaf rakes, 6 pool brushes, 7 pool poles, 10 vacuum heads, and 19 pool vacuum hoses! We wanted to offer more than just the standard pool tools, and bring to you the same commercial grade pool cleaning supplies we use on our own pools.

By using more effective pool cleaning equipment, you may even enjoy cleaning the pool!