DE Pool Filters

DE pool filters by Hayward and Pentair, outperform sand and cartridge filters by removing particles as small as 3 microns! Your water will be so clear that you may need fewer chemicals or be able to run the pump fewer hours per day. DE pool filters are more expensive and have a bit more maintenance than other filter types, but for those that appreciate DE filters super fast spring clean-up, fewer algae problems, and crystal clear pool water, it's worth it! 

Diatomaceous Earth pool filters are highly effective in cleaning and clearing your pool water. DE is a porous powder with microscopic openings, which allows water to pass through but traps bacteria and particles as small as 3 microns. This makes DE filters the most effective type of pool filter on the market. Like most pool filters, DE filters use a pressure gauge to let you know it needs backwashing. After backwashing a DE filter, fresh DE filter powder is added to the filter via the skimmer. To keep your DE pool filter working properly, an annual cleaning is necessary to thoroughly clean the DE filter grids, with a garden hose to spray clean.