Deck Repair

Give your pool deck a makeoever with our deck repair supplies that include pool deck paint, primer, paint conversion coatings, sealants, paint surface prep kits, paint application kits, rubber seals, and pool surface cleaners.

Pool decks are constantly exposed to changing weather, freezing temperatures, pool chemicals, rain, and sun. All of these factors can cause cracks or pitting in the surface of your pool deck, and make it look discolored and worn out. Whether your pool deck needs a little fixing or a whole new resurfacing will depend on the extent of the damage but using simple tools and supplies from Pool Center, you will be able to give your deck a whole new look.

Pool deck makeover starts by repairing cracks and joints that may have appeared overtime and can cause damage to your pool structure and equipment. Our Poxy Patch and Cement are ideal for filing both large and small cracks and for preparing your deck for a paint application if needed. We also carry Pool Primer that will help prepare your deck for a paint application and will ensure a smooth finish. We also offer Advance Plus Pool Paint Conversion that will help change the surface of old rubber-base pool paint so an epoxy-base swimming pool paint can stick better to the pool surface. Our Aqua Coat Water-Base Pool Paint can be applied to both indoor and outdoor unpainted damp surfaces and pools that have been previously coated with water-based swimming pool paint. Check out our Deck-O-Shield Pool Deck Sealers that extends the life of your concrete by limiting the penetration of water into the surfaces and protects against salt, staining, rust and discoloration. Also don’t forget to pick paint prep and application kits, solvents and sealers for an ultimate deck repair and resurfacing job.