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Ozone sanitation provides you the cleanest, clearest water for your pool and spa, with a significant reduction in chlorine use that translates into less money, less time balancing water chemistry, fresher water and reduced environmental impact.

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Ozone is an excellent way to sanitize your pool without the use of any harsh chemicals and annoying odors. Proven to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and molds found in pools as well as other organic contaminants, the only by-product of ozone disinfection is oxygen. The most powerful, naturally-occurring oxidizer that can safely be used in a swimming pool or spa, ozone is faster, safer and 200 times more effective than chlorine. Chlorine produces a by-product called chloramine which is known to form trihalomethane (a suspected carcinogen). Ozone prevents or destroys chloramine formation in pool and spa water, while having no negative effect on pool water balance (pH, total alkalinity or calcium hardness). Ozone is:

EPA approved as an antimicrobial disinfectant

FDA approved as an antimicrobial food additive, improving food safety

USDA approved as an organic food additive

EPA listed as safe for discharge into surface and ground water

Del Ozonators have utilized the amazing power of ozone to help you maintain a healthy, sparkling water; and are available for use in both In Ground and Above Ground pools, and spas.