Filter Accessories

An efficient filter is necessary for a well-maintained pool and healthy water; keep your filter working at its optimal performance with our superior accessories and items for the filter. We carry all kinds of Filter Media, Cartridges and Grids, Filter Cleaners, Filter Hoses & Clamps, Cleaning Wands, and Backwash Hoses.

Your filter is one of the most important components of a well maintained, clean pool. Pool filters operate by pumping your swimming pool’s water through some kind of media like sand, cartridge, or D.E powder to trap particulates and then return clean water to your pool. This process is repeated several times a day in order to completely remove dirt and debris. It is inevitable that dust, leaves, insects, and other kind of debris will make their way into your pool, resulting in cloudy water and ideal conditions for an algae outbreak. Pool filters must periodically be cleaned or debris will clog up the filter and reduce its efficiency.

At Pool Center we know how important it is for pool owners to maintain the efficiency of their filter and enjoy sparkling clean water, therefore we offer top-of-the line filter accessories to help keep your filter performing at its best at all times. You may use a liquid or granular filter cleaner to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated on your filter cartridge and a filter wand for the more stubborn debris that decides to cling to your cartridge and does not wash off easily.

You will also have to replace your filter media occasionally for proper operation of your filter. Filter media depends on the kind of filter you own, and consist of sand, D.E. powder, and cartridges; dirty pool water passes through this media and it traps the dirt and debris to return clean water to your pool. It is extremely important to have a clean media in order for the filter to perform its job efficiently.

Choose from a wide range of Filter Media, Replacement cartridges and Grids, Filter Cleaners, Filter Hoses and Clamps, Cleaning Wands, and Backwash Hoses that we carry in our Pool Store so you can extend your filter’s life and keep it working efficiently for years.