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With our new filter search, finding a replacement spa filter or pool filter cartridge has never been easier! We carry Pleatco filter cartridges, and Pleatco Microban cartridges, made with 4oz Reemay premium fabric. We also carry popular sizes of OEM filter cartridges by Hayward, Jacuzzi and Pentair, in our Filter Parts department. Use one of the three search options below or scroll down to see popular Pleatco filter cartridges by manufacturer. Find your perfect pool or spa filter cartridge by Part Number, filter Manufacturer, or by Dimensions of your current filter cartridge. If you need help, give us a call or you can Ask the Expert for help buying the correct filter cartridge replacement.

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Cartridge Pool Filters

Pool cartridge filters are very simple to operate and require less maintenance time compared to other pool filter types like sand filters or DE filters. The easy, quick maintenance of cartridge filters have made these the preferred type of filtration systems for small pools and spas, but new technology, materials and design are making filter cartridges much more effective and efficient, increasing their popularity in use on big pools of all shapes and sizes.

Advantages of a cartridge filtering system:

  • Eliminates the need for regular backwashing to clean pool filter
  • Easily remove the filter cartridge to clean it with a hose or pool filter cleaning wand
  • Cartridge filters last long, filter better than ever before
  • Available from brands like Hayward and Pentair for all pool sizes and budgets
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Above Ground Filters

Above ground pool filters are one of the most important pieces of pool equipment you will have for your pool. Above ground filters need to be matched with a pool pump if it doesn’t come with one in a package, and they are available in a range of types and sizes including pool cartridge filters, a sand filters and DE pool filters.

Differences of pool filter types:

  • Cartridge filters use a reusable canister with paper-like materials that capture particles down to around 5 microns in size inside the filter tank
  • The cartridge can be removed, cleaned with a tool like the pool filter cleaning wand or replaced easily if needed
  • Sand filters utilize pool sand in a large tank that traps debris and small particles
  • Sand filters are very efficient but need occasional maintenance like backwashing
  • DE filters use a natural filtering media, diatomaceous earth, that is highly effective and capturing tiny particles down to 3 microns in size
  • DE filters tend to be more expensive but deliver very clear, clean water to your pool and may reduce pool chemical use
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Inground Pool Filters

Inground pool filters make quick work of grabbing floating debris and contaminants in your pool. Whether it’s a cartridge filter, sand filter or diatomaceous (DE) filter, inground pool filters promote healthy, clean water for swimming, and they all have their own advantages.

  • Filter cartridges are easy to remove, clean and replace if needed
  • Newer cartridges tend to go longer before needing any maintenance or cleaning, usually a couple of months
  • Sand filters use a large tank that holds pool sand or a sand alternative like ZeoSand filter media
  • These types of filters are becoming much more popular with inground pool owners because of the effectiveness and low cost of pool sand
  • DE pool filters take the prize when it comes to best filtration properties
  • Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring filtering media that traps particles down to 3 microns in size
  • DE filtering systems deliver exceptionally clear and clean water back to your pool