Filter Repair Kits

Seals, o-rings and gaskets needed to service and repair many models of pool filters

What's A REBUILD KIT for Filters?

Blister pack containing pool pump parts, swimming pool valve parts, swimming pool filter parts, and swimming pool chlorinator parts. A convenient way to have ALL of the replaceable parts for one pump, filter, chlorinator, or valve, in one place. We carry these on our pool service trucks. Contains such parts as: Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, Bushings, Clips, etc. Multiport valve "spider gasket" kit #10 shown on the left
    Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:  
    REBUILD-KIT-360 ZAPC5118
    Kit Contents:
    (1)  O-RING 154661 PACFAB AQUAFLO 92200060
    (1)  SWIMQUIP O-RING  355051273
    (1)  PACFAB O-RING 154492
    (1)  154538 PACFAB GASKET 154538
    (1)  LETRO O-RING  F07

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    From $5.49
    REBUILD-KIT-231 ZAPC5108

    REBUILD KIT 231 Jacuzzi CFR Series Cartridge Filter (50, 75, 100, 150, 200 Sq. Ft.)

    Kit Includes: 1-O-39 Stem & Crank O-Ring, 1-O-413 Lid O-Ring

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    REBUILD-KIT-233 ZAPC5109

    REBUILD KIT 233 Jacuzzi Tri-Clops Element & Earthworks Filter Cartridge, Filter (75, 150 Sq. Ft.)

    1-O-39 Air Relief O-Ring

    1-O-64 Upper O-Ring

    1-O-69 Manifold Knob O-Ring

    1-O-101 Tank O-Ring

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    REBUILD-KIT-330 ZAPC5117

    REBUILD KIT 330 Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filter(160L, 190L, 225L, LR3, LR6, MFM15)

    1-O-39 Drain Plug O-Ring

    1-O-302 Flange O-Ring

    1-G-145 Adapter Flange Gasket

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    REBUILD-KIT-373 ZAPC5119

    REBUILD KIT 373 Jacuzzi MFM 17, 20, 24 Sand Filter

    1-G-145 Valve Gasket

    1-O-39 Plug O-Ring

    1-O-263 Bottom Drain O-Ring

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    REBUILD-KIT-420 ZAPC5120

    REBUILD KIT 420 Hayward Perflex DE Filter (EC-65 & EC-75)

    Kit Contents:

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    REBUILD-KIT-421 ZAPC5121

    REBUILD KIT 421 Hayward Micro Clear - Vertical Grid S.S. DE Filter

    1-O-24 Outlet Elbow O-Ring

    1-O-41 Support Base O-Ring

    1-O-430 Tank O-Ring

    3-O-186 Relief Valve O-Ring

    1-G-384 Relief Valve To Filter Head Gasket

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    REBUILD-KIT-423 ZAPC5123

    REBUILD KIT 423 Hayward Micro Clear - Vertical Grid Duralon, Permaglass XL DE Filter

    1-O-24 Outlet Elbow O-Ring

    1-O-186 Relief Valve Stem O-Ring

    2-O-446 Relief Valve Stem O-Ring

    1-O-429 Tank O-Ring

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    REBUILD-KIT-430 ZAPC5124

    REBUILD KIT 430 Jacuzzi Landslide DE Filter DE Separation Tank

    1-O-39 Drain Plug O-Ring

    1-O-237 Support O-Ring

    1-O-413 Tank & Cover O-Ring

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    REBUILD-KIT-221 ZAPC5104

    REBUILD KIT #221 Hayward Star Clear II Cartridge Filter (75, 100, 150 Sq. Ft.)

    Kit Contents:
    (1) CX800F LID O-RING
    (1) SX200Z14 DRAIN PLUG O-RING

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    REBUILD-KIT-225 ZAPC5106

    REBUILD KIT 225 Hayward Star Clear Plus C900 & C1200 Cartridge Filter (90, 120 Sq. Ft.)

    Kit Includes: 1-O-240 Filter Head O-Ring, 1-O-288 Locking Knob O-Ring, 1-O-398 Drain Plug O-Ring, 1-O-641 Directional Vent Valve O-Ring, 2-G-363 Knob & Cone Gasket

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