Floating Fountains

Swimming pool fountains are available in a large variety of different types. Find anything from simple styles to fancier multiple-tier pool fountains; and from rock fountains to fountains that light up and create a light show. Pool Center offers a large selection that will fit any budget and style.

A swimming pool fountain creates a beautiful and eye catching focal point for your swimming pool and enhances its surroundings. Swimming pool fountains come in two basic types-built-in and installation-free floating fountains. The built-in pool fountains are, of course, expensive and require installation; the floating fountains on the other hand, require no installation and are easily added to your pool by plugging them into your pool’s return line. This comes with the added benefit that you can change your swimming pool fountain as often as you like and you are not stuck with the same fountain forever.

The question comes what type of a pool fountain should you invest in? This really depends on your individual taste, style and of course the amount of money you are willing to spend. There is a variety of options available that will fit into a price range between $25 and $100, and even an inexpensive, simple pool fountains will provide a stunning complement to your pool, and will add pizzazz and uniqueness to your pool. You may choose to go with a basic floating fountain or add a multi-tier version for a fancier look. You may also consider installing a lighted swimming pool fountain that will add a soothing ambience to your pool. A lighted pool fountain also gives you an option of creating your own light show you can also adjust the light patterns and colors depending on your mood and the atmosphere you wish to create. You will also need to consider the size of your swimming pool before investing in a pool fountain; a small floating fountain will work best in a small to medium size pool and a multi-tier, lighted pool fountain will make a great addition to a large size pool. So no matter what kind of a pool fountain you wish to install in your pool, Pool Center has something to cater to every taste, style, and budget.