Hayward Pumps

Use our Hayward comparison page to quickly compare the costs and benefits. Compare Hayward pumps with each other, you'll find a wide range of flow rates, pressure and sizes - from very small to large sized.

Available for both Above Ground and In Ground pools, Hayward pool pumps are an ideal choice and will offer you superior performance and reliability for years. Hayward is one of the best known pool pump manufacturers, since they designed the first all plastic pool pump in 1975. Hayward pool pumps are one of the best known names in the business. Strong warranty, the strongest thermoplastics in the industry and top notch support. You can't go wrong with a Hayward pool pump.

Pool center offers the best in pool pumps with models like Hayward Power-Flo LX, Hayward Power-Flo Matrix, Hayward Max-Flo II, Hayward Super Pump, Hayward Super II, Hayward TriStar, and Hayward EcoStar. All these Hayward pool pumps offer highly effective and efficient operation, and are brought to you by Pool Center at prices you will absolutely love.

TIP! When replacing an existing pool pump, refer to the PERFORMANCE chart on each page to select a pump and horsepower (hp) that will deliver an equal flow rate (+/- 10%) to your existing pool pump. You can also refer to the DIMENSIONS chart on each page, if you would like to match the measurements of the pipes coming in and out of your existing pool pump for easier plumbing. For more info see our Pump page or call us at 877-POOLCTR!