Hayward pool heaters stand for high quality, durability, exceptional performance, and dependability. Heating your pool is a great choice; heating your pool with a Hayward pool heater is the ultimate choice. Unbeatable and unmatchable, Hayward heaters come packed with advanced features and are energy efficient and economical. Universal H-Series Low NOxUniversal H-Series Low Nox heaters combine advanced technology with universal flexibility, making the Universal H-Series swimming pool heaters an ideal choice for both new and existing pools. Universal H-Series Low NOx heaters feature thermal efficiency and comply with all current California air quality emission standards, making them a perfect choice for the environmentally concerned pool owner. H-Series MilliVoltH-Series MilliVolt heaters feature a rust-resistant water path with polymer header assembly, rapid-heat combustion chamber, and a low profile. These lightweight pool heaters are easy to install and maintain, and come with CPVC plumbing capabilities. H-Series above GroundH-Series above Ground heaters are designed especially for above ground pools and have the same advanced features as Hayward heaters for in ground pools. H-Series above Ground are easy to install and maintain, and deliver approximately 81% thermal efficiency.Pool Center offers Hayward pool heaters in a number of models and sizes so take a look and choose the Hayward pool heater that works best for your pool.