Jandy pool heaters are the most popular gas pool heaters in many parts of the country. The newest line represents 50 years of experienced engineering with heating swimming pool water. You can be confident in the quality and durability them; comfortable in the top notch support and field warranty reps providing service.

Jandy has a long history in swimming pool heating. Jandy was founded by the Andrew Pansini, inventor of the first automatic pool cleaner in the early 50's. In 1996, Jandy was purchased by Teledyne/Water Pik, which later became known as Laars/Jandy. When Zodiac purchased Water Pik, they decided to use the name Jandy pool heaters, to solidify their entire line of swimming pool equipment under one brand. Jandy swimming pool heaters are available in various sizes and models; with the basic difference being the type of energy the heater uses, e.g. natural gas or liquid propane, and their ignition style, e.g. millivolt or electronic start. Millivolt pool heaters utilize a standing pilot that must stay lit constantly to initiate the pool heating process; while an electronic start pool heater eliminates the need for keeping the pilot lit by electronically initiating the heating process. Jandy’s Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater is one of the most technologically advanced and fuel efficient swimming pool heaters on the market. Jandy LXi Low Nox Pool Heaters are extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly, and is made from high quality components. Jandy Legacy and Legacy Millivolt heaters are one of the most economical and energy efficient ways, and are very user-friendly. Jandy swimming pool heaters are not only energy efficient and technologically advanced, but they provide years of service and are very easy to install.