Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas pool heaters use energy from natural gas to warm your water in your pool. They are available in both millivolt and electronic style ignitions. The natural gas heaters are identical to propane heaters but have bigger orifices for the gas valve, pilot and burners.

Natural gas pool heaters let you maintain a comfortable water temperature in your swimming pool for early morning or late season swims. Ultra-efficient and low maintenance natural gas pool heaters utilize the latest technology to ensure your pool's water is kept at the desired temperature.Self-regulating and easy-to-install, natural gas pool heaters from Pool Center will take care of your swimming pool's water temperature requirements, regardless of pool size. Highly efficient, extremely durable, and reliable year after year, an eco-friendly natural gas pool heater from Pool Center is a pool owner's best choice for keeping the pool water warm without hassles and costly maintenance.

Natural gas swimming pool heaters from Pool Center are available in a number of sizes to fit your pool, as well as a variety of color and design choices. For fast and dependable heat for your pool's water, pick one of our natural gas heaters. Call us anytime with your questions. Our staff of pool product professionals are here to help you find the answers you need! Pool Center offers the best brands in gas heaters and make it easier to extend your pool season and keep your pool nice and comfortable.