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Our simple measuring form will guide you through measuring your pool and providing us the dimensions we need when you call.

  • Print the form.
  • Fill it out using your pool measurement.
  • Call us with your form completed or if you have any questions!
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Inground pool liner measurement and installation is not that difficult, or thousands of pool owners wouldn't be buying inground liners each year. We sell a truckload of inground liners every year, and that's proof that lots of Americans are opting to measure and install their own inground vinyl liners.

STEP ONE: Browse our Patterns first – click the big yellow arrow, and you'll see that we have several dozen closeout patterns, and nearly 100 different new patterns to choose from. This could take some time! Try to decide if you want lighter or darker shades, and if you want to stray from blue into grays and tans. Then you can narrow down the choices further by deciding what type of border style you prefer, or go with no border if you want. After you settle on one or two colors, style and designs, our liner experts can quote you inground liner prices on different thickness of vinyl, in any pattern(s) you choose! But in order to quote your liner cost, we first need your pool measurements!

STEP TWO: Next is measuring the pool from point to point, and filling out the printed measurement guide and form, from which a custom inground pool liner can be made. Don't let the word custom scare you, most inground pool liners cost $1000-$1500, depending on size and thickness chosen. And, don't let the very detailed measuring form instructions scare you either, it can be done by two people in under an hour. 99% of vinyl pools are built with the same standard wall and floor plan, but because they are built by hand, they all vary by a few inches here and there. With a few simple tools, and using our easy to follow inground liner measurement guide and form, you can measure your pool for a new inground liner in no time!

STEP THREE: Calling in with your measurements is a pain, we know. We want to make sure that you receive world class support from a dedicated inground liner specialist, who will receive your measurements via fax, email or mail, and enter them our CAD program. This software not only allows your liner tech to give you accurate pool liner prices for any style, pattern or thickness, but it also finds any errors or inconsistencies in the measurements. So when you're ready, give us a quick call at 877-766-5287.

STEP FOUR: Installing inground pool liners is a 2-3 day process in most cases. Here is a simplified outline on how to replace an inground liner. See our blog for the Complete Guide to Inground Pool Liner Replacement, for (much) more detailed instructions.

  1. Order replacement floor and wall faceplates and gaskets. We can assist you.
  2. Drain the pool using a submersible pump, to a storm drain or distance from the pool.
  3. Use a razor knife to cut the old liner into pieces, and remove from the pool.
  4. Remove pool light, skimmer, drain, steps and return fittings, store items safely.
  5. Clean walls and liner track at top of wall. Scrape and paint rust, or use Wall Foam.
  6. Sweep and clean the floor, patch any cracks or divots. Sand floors are re-troweled.
  7. Place the liner in pool, unfold it and lock the liner bead into the track around the pool.
  8. Adjust the liner if necessary, and set-up a Liner Vac or Wet/Dry to suck out the air.
  9. Install the main drain ring and begin to fill the pool. Liner Vac continues to run.
  10. When water level reaches 3-6" over shallow end floor, remove the Liner Vac.
  11. When water level reaches bottom step, install pool step trim strips and screws.
  12. When water level reaches lights, wall returns and skimmers, install rings and faceplates.